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Hunting bugs like a pro

Whether we like it or not, bugs are a part of every developer's day-to-day. As a developer, we can spend countless hours tracking out where the issue originated. Sometimes you may be lucky… Read Article →

Adding validations to React Hook Form

Hey everyone, recently I've using React Hook Form a lot to manage my forms state. While it's quite useful, one question that I've heard quite a while is "how can I validate stuff in there… Read Article →

How to test API calls

Hey everyone, recently I've seen a couple of questions regarding testing in the JavaScript ecosystem. Some of the questions are: How to test API calls? How to test axios? How test API calls… Read Article →

Adding authentication to Next.js with Auth0

Setting authentication in Next.js apps can be stressing and confusing. To make your life easier, Auth0 created an SDK that makes this process simpler and fast. In this blog post, I'll show… Read Article →

Portfolio Project Club: Setting up a NextJS app

Hey everyone, this is the first blog post about the technical implementation regarding the ShareYourContent app for the Portfolio Project Club. This app will include the following things… Read Article →

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