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Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Notes

Daniel Afonso

October 14, 2020

Hey everyone, as I'm starting to turn my blog into a digital garden. I've decided to start making public my notes from various courses or subjects. This post will contain the notes I took while watching the Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course on FrontendMasters.

Traditional SEO

  • It's all about making it easy for crawlers to do their job
  • Increase the "quality" of the site
  • Unique and target content, including relevant keywords and terminology
  • Richness of content
  • Frequent updates
  • Link building
  • Keyword stuffing

Businesses with Physical Location

  • Create a business page on google (My Business page)
  • Ask for reviews and display them on your website
  • Submit your business to local directories
  • Correct errors/outdate information in Local Citations
  • Acquire local backlinks like vendors, partners, etc
  • Set specific geographic-targeting in Google Search Console

Page Ranking

Page Ranking

Page ranking algorithm
  • "quality" is proportional to the number of sites linking to you
  • a link is worth more on a "quality" site
  • if you link to other sites often, your links are worth less as influence boosters (ex: wikipedia is not as influential as the white house)

Long Tail Keywords:

  • Keyword phrases which are specific to what you are selling
  • visitors are likelier to use them when they're closer to purchasing

SEO Keywords Tools:

Link building campaign

Effort for getting people to refer to your site

  • Create 'key pages' for products and services on your page
  • Focus inbound links to the key pages to build higher ranking pages
  • 'Link velocity' it's the rate at which a piece of content or a page earns links over time
  • Guest posts on trustworthy industry / authority sites
  • Analyze competitors link profile and identify link opportunities

White Hat SEO

  • Making content that is as good as it can be for human beings

Black Hat SEO

  • Making content that appeases the search engine

How to eliminate bad links

  • Use Google Search Console to review Search traffic and links
  • Remove link reference from spammy websites
  • Disavow bad links using Google Disavow Tool
  • Eliminate mutual "link exchange" with other sites by adding <rel="nofollow">
  • Remove dead links from your website

Ad Campaigns

  • target the right audience
  • cost effective
  • deploy marketing budget when it matters (e.g: target elm on a functional js course)
  • short feedback loop
  • control over risk
  • Pricing:
    • CPM - cost per 1000 impressions
    • CPC - cost per click
    • CPA - cost per action (conversion) (this use a pixel to check for the conversion)
    • CPI - cost per install

Basic Metadata

title - 30-65 chars

<title>A title</title>

description - 120 - 165 characters. Brief summary of the page

<meta name="description" content="this is a brief description" />

keywords - doesn't matter anymore

<meta name="keywords" content="js, react, seo" />

Social SEO

Metadata Tools

  • Google structured data testing tool
  • SEO meta chrome extension
  • Facebook opengraph debugger
  • Twitter card validator
  • Pinterest Rich Card debugger

Facebook OpenGraph

<meta property="og:<url | type | title | description | image>" content="..." />
  • url - canonical URL
  • type - what the concept of the url is. (e.g: or
  • title - the title
  • description - the description
  • image - image to display
    • The image is cached for lifetime of the image url.
    • Should provide a width and height

Twitter Cards

<meta name="twitter:<card | site | creator | image>" content="..." />

If we want to show a video player on a card we should add 'player' to the content

Structured Data

  • Information that crawlers look for and read
    • Gives more control over what is displayed
  • Preferred format: JSON-LD in a special script tag
<script type="application/ld+json">

This should be added on the body

Mobile Optimizations

  • Make sure you handle viewport properly
  • Specify a manifest json
  • Add relevant metatags
    • Fullscreen, black status bar, home screen title
  • Specify home screen icons

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Type of HTML design for fast mobile web browsing.

  • keep third party JS of the critical path of rendering the page
  • execute amp js asynchronously
  • size all resources in advance
  • don't let anything block rendering
  • css is inline and under 50KB
  • webfonts start downloading immediately
  • resources prefetched early but loaded easily
  • preconnect for downloading above-the-fold content

Stuff to search about

SSR to boost SEO on SPA (supposedly crawlers only give a determined time per page and if the page takes more to load it will affect how the page shows up)

Hope this was helpful to you! Stay tuned!

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